Smoke Showin' BBQ LLC
"Authentic Wood Fire
Our Line-up
  1. Our pulled pork is seasoned with our own dry rub and hand pulled. We offer our pulled pork by the sandwich or by the pound with our catering menu.
  2. Pork Ribs
    Pork Ribs
    After being coated with our dry rub our ribs are slow smoked until tender with a blend of hickory and apple wood.
  3. Beef Brisket
    Beef Brisket
    After being brined for at least 24 hours our brisket enters the smoker for a long slow smoke.
  4. Half Chicken
    Half Chicken
    This is where it all began! Open charcoal pit chicken grillin'. Seasoned with Grandpa Sam's "Samson Chicken Sauce" our chicken is always delicious.
Pulled Pork
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The most delicious BBQ I've ever had!  Quality meat, and always full of flavor.
Our Services
  1. Take Away Food
    We have no more events scheduled for 2017 but If you see us in the future parked around town cooking, come and grab a sandwich, a half of chicken, or place a "by the pound" future order.
  2. Catering
    Check out our menu as many items can be purchased by the pound and can be ordered with traditional BBQ sides to take care of all kinds of events and parties. Serving ware and place settings can be purchased for additional cost. Please do not hesitate to ask questions when ordering, even for any special request. *For a surcharge the cooking/smoking can be done on-site depending on availibilty.*
  3. The Meat
    Smoke Showin' supports local small businesses like ours and buys its meats from several local butchers, that like us guarantee quality in their product.